Zade Vital Nutritional Supplements, TURKEY


Zade Vital Natural Supplements,  İstanbul Aug 2018-Currently

Medical, Compliance and Pharmacovigilance Manager

Ministry of Health; Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products, Medical Devices, Cosmetics

Ministry Agriculture and Forestry; Food Supplements

Medipol University, İstanbul Feb 2015-Currently

International Medical Faculty

Medical Promotion and Marketing Program

Lecturer (Pharmacology)

Takeda Pharmaceuticals A.Ş. İstanbul  Apr 2017-Mar 2018

Speciality Care/Gastroenterology, Senior Medical Manager

AMGEN Pharmaceuticals A.Ş. İstanbul  Oct 2015-Apr 2017

Oncology, Medical Advisor

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals A.Ş. İstanbul  Jun 2012-Mar 2015

Vaccines & Virology, Dermatology & Cosmetics, Oncology, Medical Manager

Turkish Pharmacology Society 2011-2012

Board Member- Treasurer

T.R. Ministry of Health, Ankara Jan 2009- Jun 2012

Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, Founder and Head of Rational Drug Use Division

General Directorate of Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals, Head of Clinical Trials Division

Université Louis Pasteur, France Feb 2007-Aug 2007

Ecole Superieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg, Research Assistant

İstanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, İstanbul Sep 2004-Oct 2008

Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology, Research Assistant

DORA, Medical Marketing, Communication Advert., CRO, İstanbul Dec 2005- Oct 206

Medical Advisor

T.R. Ministry of Health , Çankırı Sep 2003-Sep 2004

Atkaracalar State Hospital, Health Team Leader

Emergency room doctor